All Access Star Trek Previews ‘Picard’ Season 3 And Reviews Episode 2 Of ‘Strange New Worlds’ –

[Strange New Worlds news and review starts at 17:51]

Tony and Laurie start with a chat about Alex Kurtzman and Tig Notaro’s discussion of Star Trek philosophy on Tig’s Don’t Ask Tig podcast. Then they spend a little time on Star Trek: Picardcovering the news that the different Star Trek showrunners fought over putting Wesley Crusher in their shows, Terry Matalas’ hints about ships and returning cast members in season 3, Patrick Stewart’s assurance that it’ll be more than just a TNG reunion, and Jeri Ryan and Michelle Hurd’s comments on their characters’ relationship and what it was like working with the Next Generation crew.

After a quick roundup of the rest of the interviews from the Strange New Worlds premiere in NYC, Tony and Laurie review episode 2, “Children of the Comet,” which they were both quite happy with, minus a few quibbles. They wrap up with a look at a virtual set recreation of “The Cage” from The Roddenberry Archive and an unexpected endorsement of the pod from Prodigy showrunner Aaron Waltke.


Alex Kurtzman Talks Star Trek Philosophy And How It Can Be A Roadmap To A Better Future

Star Trek Producers Fought Over Which New Shows Get To Bring Back Wesley Crusher

The Traveler in an oddly textured outfit

Star Trek: Picard ‘Showrunner Drops Clues About Season 3 Featured Ship And More

Patrick Stewart Says ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 TNG Reunion Isn’t A Walk Down Memory Lane

Jeri Ryan And Michelle Hurd Talk Twists And Turns With TNG Cast In ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3

Interview: Ethan Peck On Feeling The Pressure To Get Spock Right On ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

Interview: Bruce Horak On How Hemmer Is The “Outsider” On ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

Interview: Melissa Navia On How Ortegas Loves To Pilot The Enterprise In ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

Interview: Celia Rose Gooding On Choosing Her Own Look For Uhura In ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

Interview: Babs Olusanmokun & Jess Bush On Character Relationships In ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’

Chief O’Brien At Work


Tony: The Roddenberry Archive Recreates Sets From First ‘Star Trek’ Pilot “The Cage”

Laurie: ‘Prodigy’ showrunner Aaron Waltke listens to the podcast!

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