Asensing Technology from Li Auto’s L9 adoption positioning solution

Beijing (Gasgoo) – Li Auto’s newly released second production model, the L9, is equipped with a combination navigation system developed by Asensing Technology.

Photo credit: Asensing Technology

The system, named P-Box by Asensing Technology, is the first auto-grade high-precision navigation location solution in China that has realized mass production. The P-Box is a high-performance and high-precision combination system built on top of MEMS inertial guidance technology, RTK-GNSS, and vehicle information, complying with the automotive standard.

The P-Box offers lane-level location information under various scenarios, including highways, underground parking garages, overpasses, tunnels, urban streets, and ports.

Li Auto’s L9 signature on P-Box’s deployment in the industry’s recognition of Asensing Technology’s achievements.

The P-Box was installed as a demo for a vehicle installed in 2017, and a realized mass application in 2018. Up to now, the company has deployed over 200,000 L2 intelligent vehicles and landed procurement orders 60 vehicle models.

As a devoted high-precision positioning technology developer, Asensing Technology holds mature capabilities in developing full-stack auto-grade core software and hardware, and owns automotive-grade production lines. The company has a rich pre-assembly R&D and mass production experience.


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