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PROCTOR – Duluth race car driver Mike Bellefeuille held off longtime stalwart Harry Hanson’s Eveleth to win the 25-lap Late Model feature Sunday, June 19, at Halvor Lines Speedway.

Bellefeuille and Hanson were two of the weekend’s hard chargers, with Bellefeuille opening the sixth starting spot and Hanson in the sixth.

Bellefeuille received his efforts for a “clean sweep”, having also won his heat, and he was not alone as Cory Jorgensen obtained the sweep of Pure Stocks.

There were plenty of repeat winners from last week, too, as did Brandon Copp of Brule won the 20-lap Modified Feature last week’s Advantage RV Modified Tour stop.

Cory Jorgensen (Pure Stocks) was also a repeat winner from last week, while Kyle House kept his cousin, AJ House, from repeating Hornets.

Nick Oreskovich of Mason, Wisconsin, overcame a late caution flag and a strong challenge from Scott Lawrence to win the Super Stocks, while Cody Carlson’s supreme take on the pole position and what to do with it, winning the 15-lap Midwest Modified feature.

Superior in Vang dominates

Danny Vang of Deerwood, Minnesota, led the 25-lap Late Model feature Friday, June 17 at the Gondik Law Speedway with Superior, Bellefeuille second and Deven VanHouse of Silver Bay third.

Kang Copp won the Super Stocks in a sweep of the night, with his efforts for a clean sweep of Vang, 32 entries of the same Midwest Modifieds field, as did Cole Chernosky, Dylan Shelton Stocks and Hornets in the Aroom House brought out.

Billy Kendall III denied Brandon Copp’s distinction in Modification, with his 23-year-old earning the first Modified title of his career.

The best crowd of the season was on hand at the Superior and the field came out, with a nice field of 109 race cars on hand.

Sunday Night Showdown (With Northern Renegades Non-Winged Sprint Cars and Toy Drive), 5 p.m.

Last Sunday’s Feature Results

1. Mike Bellefeuille, 2. Harry Hanson, 3. Chuck Olson, 4. Deven VanHouse, 5. Danny Vang, 6. Kyle Peterlin, 7. Skeeter Estey, 8. Robbie Cooper, 9. Kevin Carlson, 10. Aaron Lillo, 11. Jordan Grimm, 12. Max Nelson, 13. Terry Lillo, 14. Ronnie Malecki, 15. Chris Lillo, 16. Eric Lillo. DNF: Jody Bellefeuille, Kevin Burdick, Tim McMann. DNS: Joe Kienzle Jr.

1. Brandon Copp, 2. Jack Rivord, 3. Jody Bellefeuille, 4. Jeff Wood Jr., 5. Jeffrey Lien Jr., 6. Colin Chaschuk, 7. Mark Kangas, 8. Hunter Anderson, 9. Donnie Lofdahl, 10 .Weston Ramsrud. DNF: Mike Klippenstein.

1. Nick Oreskovich, 2. Scott Lawrence, 3. Jake Froemke, 4. Andy LaBarge, 5. Tristan LaBarge, 6. Brian Carl, 7. Mike Sirois, 8. John Garrity, 9. Taylor Madrinich.

1. Cody Carlson, 2. Kennedy Swan, 3. Justin Bassa, 4. Zach Benson, 5. Evan Checkalski, 6. McLean Andrews, 7. Joseph LaValley, 8. Jason LaValley, 9. Cole Elton, 10. Matt Sorenson, 11. Taylor Madrinich, 12. Paul Ripley, 13. Kenny Kincaid, 14. Austin Blom, 15. Todd Carlson, 16. Anthony Gallian. DNF: Jake Smith.

1. Cory Jorgensen, 2. Aaron Bernick, 3. Dylan Shelton, 4. Tyler Kachinske, 5. Jake Smith, 6. Nate Rose, 7. Tyler Fjeld, 8. Anthony Woodhull.

1. Kyle House, 2. AJ House, 3. Caleb Decker, 4. Carson Gotelaere, 5. Tyler Schramm, 6. Hunter McDougall, 7. Nathan Rose Jr., 8. Derek Ament, 9. Jamie Ammerman, 10. Casey Fitzpatrick, 11. Kristy Marken, 12. Noah Rose, 13. Joshua Kough, 14. Riley Ament, 15. Eva Lillo. DNF: Marcus Ammerman, Lucas Lillo. DNS: Richard Andrews Sr.

9. Richard Andrews Sr. 251

Regular Racing (with Northern Vintage Stockcar Racers), 7 p.m.

Last Friday’s Feature Results

1. Danny Vang, 2. Mike Bellefeuille, 3. Deven VanHouse, 4. Travis Budisalovich, 5. Mike Prochnow, 6. Skeeter Estey, 7. Jody Bellefeuille, 8. Aaron Lillo, 9. Harry Hanson, 10. Tim McMann 11. Max Nelson, 12. Ronnie Malecki, 13. Kevin Carlson, 14. Robbie Cooper, 15. Eric Lillo.

1. Billy Kendall III, 2. Brandon Copp, 3. Jody Bellefeuille, 4. Rick Rivord, 5. Johnny Broking, 6. Alex Van Natta, 7. Jack Rivord, 8. Mike Anderson, 9. Bob Broking, 10. Jeffrey Lien Jr., 11. Al Uotinen, 12. Tyler Luger, 13. Mike Klippenstein, 14. Hunter Anderson, 15. Tanner Williamson. DNF: Mason McEvers, Donnie Lofdahl, Kelly Checkalski, Todd Gehl.

1. Kyle Copp, 2. Andy Grymala, 3. Terran Spacek, 4. Scott Lawrence, 5. Andrew Mackey, 6. Jack Koranda, 7. Brian Carl, 8. Rita Anderson, 9. Taylor Madrinich. DNF: Chris Johnson, Thomas Karaba, Nick Oreskovich, DJ Keeler, Jim Campbell, Dan Peterson, Matt Deragon. DNS: Jeff Lien.

1. Cole Chernosky, 2. Cody Carlson, 3. Andrew Inman, 4. Kennedy Swan, 5. Brady Uotinen, 6. Shane Howell, 7. David Simpson, 8. James Vendela, 9. Jamie Davis, 10. Dalton Mains, 11. Paul Ripley, 12. Wyatt Boyum, 13. Cole Elton, 14. Austin Chyba, 15. Jimmy Latvala, 16. Jesse Polson, 17. William Moelter, 18. Garrett Paull. DNF: Ashton Schulte, Scott Thompson, Ryan Savoy, Brennan Gave, Nick Koehler, Evan Checkalski.

1. Dylan Shelton, 2. Cory Jorgensen, 3. Tyler Kachinske, 4. Aaron Bernick, 5. Kevin Bartelt, 6. Nate Rose, 7. Anthony Woodhull. DNF: Tom Treviranus, Guy Gaskill, Steven Christman, Jessie Limberios.

1. AJ House, 2. DeJay Jarecki, 3. Justin Barsness, 4. Casey Fitzpatrick, 5. Carson Gotelaere, 6. Mac Johnston, 7. Kristy Marken, 8. Tyler Schramm, 9. Nathan Rose Jr., 10. Ken Hapy, 11. Patrick Passeri, 12. Paul George, 13. Noah Rose. DNF: Carter Matthews, Hunter McDougall.

2. Travis Budisalovich 210

Saturday – Regular Racing (With Kids Power Wheel Races), 6:30 p.m.

2. Travis Budisalovich 410

Thursday – Meet the Drivers Night, 6:30 p.m.

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