Clock is ticking on Labor’s toxic culture review

24 June 2022

Felix Ellis, Liberal Member for Braddon

The clock is ticking on Tasmanian Labor’s year-long review into its failed state election campaign and toxic culture.

The review, which is due on June 30 is intended to determine what went wrong with Labor’s omnishambles 2021 election campaign.

This review didn’t need a year.

It is clear to anyone paying attention that the Tasmanian Labor Party is hopelessly divided, with a toxic internal culture and an Opposition Leader totally distracted by fears of being overthrown by Dean Winter.

While our Government is focused on Tasmanian jobs, the Opposition Leader is only worried about her own.

Under her watch, things have gone from bad to worse for Labor in Tasmania with its primary vote going backwards in the recent Federal Election – the party’s worst performance in the country.

Even the Labor Party’s National Secretary, Paul Erickson, had to acknowledge that “there are challenges for Labor in Tasmania that the party needs to thoroughly examine.”

Mr Albanese refused to comment on his Tasmanian counterparts’ woes but Ms White’s absence at his press conference was clear for all to see.

With Labor having no alternative budget, no plan, and no unity, Greens Leader Cassy O’Connor has been left to pick up the pieces as the unofficial Opposition Leader in Tasmania.

We all await Labor’s self-written report into their own failings with bated breath.

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