College football as we knew it would soon be gone

The changes have been many and unrelenting, coming at college sports from different directions like an octopus with giant tentacles threatening to squeeze out whatever life is left. College sports currently exist in a lawless landscape, free of all restraints and racing down roads never before traveled without really understanding where they are going.

The potential damage is frightening, changing and reshaping college sports, particularly football, into an unrecognizable form devoid of any connection with its past. There have always been excesses in college sports, but never anything like this.

And the idea of ​​using college sports to prepare players for the future is nearly gone and may soon disappear entirely as buying athletes to win games becomes the primary – and seemingly only – objective.

Although players are allowed to capitalize on name, image and likeness once they are enrolled in school, you’re not supposed to use it to recruit prospects, but that hasn’t stopped the infusion of cash that now controls college football and basketball.

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