Dead End: A New Jersey Political Murder Mystery podcast explores what really happened to a prominent couple in 2014

Dead End: A New Jersey Political Murder Mystery podcast from WNYC studios is hosted and produced by Nancy Solomon.

Solomon investigates the 2014 brutal killings of a prominent New Jersey couple, John and Joyce Sheridan. Their eldest son Mark spent more than two years trying to find out what really happened to his parents in their Skillman home. His wife eventually convinced him to end that quest for the truth.

Now many years later, Nancy Solomon “reopens” the case in this seven-part podcast series which features the likes of former New Jersey Governor Christie Whitman and famous forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden and many others.

Dead End is a story of crime and corruption at the highest levels of society in the Garden State.

WBGO Journal host Doug Doyle talks to Solomon about why she wanted to take an in-depth look into the murders and why it is still relevant today.

“Dead End” host Nancy Solomon chats with WBGO News Director Doug Doyle

Solomon has put more than two and a half years into the production of Dead End.

“John Sheridan wasn’t well known across New Jersey. People didn’t know his name. But when news broke in September 2014 of his death, it was notable. Those of us who pay attention to politics in New Jersey knew what a significant person he was and also knew that he worked for George Norcross. He’s like catnip to political reporters like me because he’s powerful and he runs a very effective political operation. He’s considered one of the most powerful people in the state even though he’s never been elected to public office.So the fact that someone died in a violent death and he was connected to this other person who was well known and the details that came out in drips and drabs for a few months after the case were just so strange and so startling and it just didn’t make sense, and that really fueled my interest and I think others. You just wanted to know what happened? “


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Funeral of John and Joyce Sheridan, October 2014

Episodes of Dead End release every Tuesday morning at 10:30. The podcast series production team includes Emily Botein, Kren Frillmann, Rebeca Ibarra, David Lewis and Adam Prsybyl. Music and sound design by Jared Paul. Additional engineering from Andrew Dunn.

New episodes of Dead End are released every Tuesday at 10:30 am.

NOTE: Nancy Solomon is also the host of Ask Governor Murphya WBGO News production in collaboration with WNYC and WHYY.

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