East Texas auto repair shops busier than usual

TYLER, Texas (KETK) – These scorching temperatures are taking a toll on many vehicles, including repairs for them. Numerous automotive repair shops are having trouble keeping up with the service demand.

“The heat is really tough on everything. Batteries, cooling system, air conditioning, tires, brakes, ”said Jerry Boulware, owner of Town and Country Automotive.

Customers have been having problems with a host of problems such as battery issues, cooling system outages, and even electrical circuit issues due to the extreme heat of the summer.

Mechanic, Gary Stewart says in the eighteen years he’s been in business, this summer is three times busier than usual.

“Think Back to Snowmageddon at Subzero temperatures – We didn’t have a lot of cars that broke. It’s just normal mechanical failures, ”said Gary Stewart, owner of Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive.

Mechanics say the more your car is electronically controlled, the more likely it is to shut down your car.

Tires can easily overinflate, causing less traction on roadways. The oil in your engine can be thin and increase in harmful friction.

“It breaks down all the petroleum-based lubricants in your vehicle. The extreme heat breaks those down and it’s no different than melting butter in a skillet, ”said Stewart.

Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive are like filling up very quickly. Mechanics say both heat damage and supply chain issues are to blame.

“We have components of failure that are a little above average. The lack of components is a little below average, the time it takes to get those components, and the number of broken cars. Where it has been created, it has been used for a day to fix and now it takes 3 or 4 days. What used to take 3 or 4 days now takes 2 or 3 weeks, ”said Stewart.

The summer season is just getting started, so keep your car in good condition.

“The car will take care of itself,” said Boulware.

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