Flyers Hope to Materialize New Culture, Identity Under Tortorella

John Tortorella has expressed a sense of optimism during the short time since accepting the job as head coach of the Philadelphia Flyers last week. He brings a proven track record as a Stanley Cup champion and a two-time Jack Adams Award winner as the NHL’s coach of the year. In just five days, he has already made a strong first impression by lauding the organization’s history and the passion of its fan base. The buzz surrounding the hire focuses on the effort to change the culture and establish a new identity for a dormant franchise.

Professional sports analysts tend to point to the subjective idea of ​​culture to explain something they don’t know how to quantify, particularly when a team outperforms its perceived level of talent or falls drastically short of its expected goals. What does organizational culture actually mean though? Does a franchise that once identified as the Broad Street Bullies need a renewed culture under their new head coach?

Tortorella Brings Fresh Blood

“I hate using the word culture,” Tortorella stated during his introductory press conference.

His reputation for blunt honesty precedes him. He referred to culture and accountability as “really cool summertime words” that are easy to say and difficult to enact during an NHL season.

“I just call it standard. I want our guys to be proud of themselves. I want you guys. I want our fans to be proud of us, how we look, how we present ourselves, how we attack the game, how we handle situations in the blue paint, and if you’re talking on the ice, how we stick up for each other in certain situations. I want people to be proud of that. ”

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