IMPD: Auto theft during police find baby take

IMPD said the child was found around 1:40 am by The Car.

INDIANAPOLIS – A 6-month-old child has been found safe after he was found inside a car at a gas station in Indianapolis Monday night, IMPD said.

IMPD said the child was found around 1:40 am by The Car.

(Editor’s note: We have removed this story from a tweet from the IMPD that stated that the suspect was in this case. In an subsequent update, an IMPD spokesperson said: This is the person’s involvement with the incident. ”

On MondayOfficers were searching for a white Ford Fusion with a temporary license plate number R229474.

The vehicle was reported stolen around 9:30 pm at a Marathon gas station on East Michigan and North Randolph streets in Indianapolis.

Officers responding to the gas station said a 6-month-old baby was inside the vehicle when it was stolen.

The car, which has a white grille, silver rims and damage to the passenger side, was last seen on East Michigan Street.

An IMPD spokesperson said the investigation brought multiple agencies, including state and federal officials.

IMPD Capt. Mike Leepper said he was found when the child was not hurt or harmed. The child was found where Leepper did not.

“We believe, right now, at this point in time, we have at least some of the parties involved in contact with the officers, and the suspect information is not released at this point. The incident was with involvement, “Leepper said.

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