Lenny Henry celebrates the culture of Caribbean Britain

Pick of the day: Lenny Henry’s Caribbean Britain

9pm, BBC Two

Growing up in a Jamaican household in Dudley, Sir Lenny Henry was told by his mum to integrate with the locals. “What does integration mean?” he asks in his two-part celebration of British-Caribbean life. The cultural exchange was a two-way street and he looks back at the calypso and ska music that came over with the Windrush generation, the “rent parties” with their sound systems and the fashions borrowed by the white “rude boys”. Not all skinheads were friendly, of course, and Henry also recalls the ever-present racist violence. Contributors include Baroness Floella Benjamin and comedian Judi Love.

The Great British Sewing Bee

9pm, BBC One

Despite her puns, Sara Pascoe has been a success as ex-presenter Joe Lycett’s replacement, providing the humorous support that the contestants need as they reach the semi-final. And it’s Japan Week for Brogan, Annie, Debra and Man Yee, starting with a garment inspired by the kimono. The quartet is then introduced to a decorative embroidery mending technique, before a made-to-measure featuring origami-inspired dresses.

The Savoy

9pm, ITV

Anyone with memories of a certain Fawlty Towers episode will enjoy this week’s visit to the Savoy in London, where the arrival of a mystery hotel inspector is being anticipated. “Guest experience manager” Sean puts his staff on high alert but is aghast to learn that the front desk has been left unmanned. Definitely not the mystery hotel inspector is former MP Alan Johnson, who books into a VVIP suite with a view of his old office in the Houses of Parliament.

More from Culture

Ireland: Coast And Country

9pm, More4

A break from the endless recent series about Cornwall and Wales, this new travelogue looks at the Emerald Isle as seen through the eyes of those who call it home, beginning with an underwater photographer capturing wild dolphins in Liscannor Bay. Other highlights include a chef whipping up a dessert made from dahlias in Drimoleague, at the country’s first edible-flower farm, and a trio of septuagenarian rock climbers proving that age is just a number in Wicklow Mountains National Park.

The Bridge: Race To A Fortune

10pm, Channel 4

Like Boris Johnson, South Beach’s leader Basit has survived being ousted by his colleagues. But also like the PM, that doesn’t mean the plotting has ended. South Beach are now 82-feet behind the opposition in the race for the island and the £ 200,000 prize. North Beach decide now is the time for a reconnaissance mission and set out to their rivals’ beach in the dead of night.

Rainbow City

10pm, BBC Four

Complementing Sir Lenny Henry’s new series about the British-Caribbean experience is this groundbreaking but little-remembered television series from 1967. Rainbow City was the first British TV series to feature a black actor in the lead role, the Trinidadian-born Errol John playing John Steele, a solicitor living and working in the multicultural community of Birmingham. His white wife, Mary, was played by Gemma Jones – later of Bridget Jones it Harry Potter fame.

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