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Heritage Homeschool Co-op of Bemidji would like to thank the Shade Store in Blackduck for a great field trip on Monday, May 2.

Our 12 students (8-10 years old) who have enrolled in a Tuttle Twins class have been learning economics, civics, government, natural law and individualism. In the class, students have been reading and completing a workbook called “Tuttle Twins,” written by Connor Boyack.

Our most recent book “The Miracle Pencil” is based on the classic essay “I, Pencil” by Leonard Read where the twins Ethan and Emily took a trip to a factory. This inspired some of the moms to reach out to the Shade Store about our own trip to a factory.


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The field trip started with a 40-minute tour, which was split into two groups. The Tuttle Twins class was led by Jennifer Morrison and nine older students in Heritage Homeschool Co-op were led by Kendra Murray.

These ladies did a phenomenal job answering questions and giving our students a general overview of their facility. We were able to see how orders come in, all the way through the final packaging stages and finally to the customer.

Our field trip then finished up with a presentation by the plant manager Annette Rudnicki and a Q&A with both Annette and Erica Naughton. The presentation brought home many of the same ideas we have been studying such as cooperate business, family tree, material, market, order, economy, machine and factory.


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The Q&A allowed our curious students to ask simple questions ranging from “Has anyone cut themselves?” to “What is a regulation from the state you would change?”

This field trip was so amazing for our students to see spontaneous order and division of labor to come to life. Some of the student’s thoughts included “It was cool seeing all the pieces come together,” “I think my favorite section was the testing area, the ironing section was also really cool the big tables with irons hanging overhead,” “It was interesting to see how it all worked, a view of how the world runs in the trading business. ”

Thank you to the Shade Store of Blackduck for investing in the next generation by taking the time and energy to teach them.


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