Local experts warn against homemade baby formula

QUINCY (WGEM) – One effect of the national baby formula shortage has been some mothers resorting to using homemade formulas.

Before you start making your own formula from an online recipe, health experts are advising caution.

Among them is Callie Asmann, a nurse and lactation consultant with Blessing Health System.

Asmann said homemade formulas can be dangerous for your child, as they do not have the necessary nutrient amounts that are regulated for commercial formulas.

“We would recommend not using homemade baby formula just because of how sensitive babies are so that they don’t get too much water, or too much of the macronutrients or their mineral balance…can make a baby very sick,” said Asmann .

She said you should also avoid watering your formulas down to try and make them last longer.

“Measure out your formula and your water to what the manufacturer instructs, because it can be very dangerous for the electrolyte balance in the baby if they have too much water and not enough of the powdered formula. It could make them very sick,” said Asmann.

She said if you are worried about supplies, you can check with your local doctor or for potential resources.

Additionally, she said if you usually buy a certain brand and run out, you can switch brands.

Meanwhile, Asmann said breastfeeding continues to be a good option for new mothers or soon to be mothers, as breast milk contains the needed nutrients.

She said Blessing has free pre-natal breastfeeding classes once a month to help inform new mothers about breast feeding.

Those with questions can call Blessing Hospital at 217-223-1200 and ask for the OB unit.

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