McConnell Leads GOP Senators in Unannounced Visit to Ukraine

The world’s attention is focusing more tightly on the food and energy crisis created by Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine, with the Group of Seven now developed countries warning that it now threatens an emergency for poorer nations.

The Russian blockade of Ukraine’s Black Sea ports has choked off sunflower oil, wheat and corn exports, while disrupting the flow of fertilizers needed to increase crop yields. Ukraine is responsible for 10% of global wheat exports, 14% of corn exports and roughly half of the world’s sunflower oil, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

“Russia’s war of aggression has generated one of the most severe food and energy crises in recent history which now threatens those most vulnerable across the globe,” the G-7 said after a meeting in northern Germany.

The group also vowed never to recognize borders changed by Russia by force.

“We will never recognize the borders of Russia has attempted to change by military aggression, and will uphold our engagement in support of the Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity of Ukraine, including Crimea, and all states,” the G-7 said.

The group said it would continue to increase economic and political pressure on Russia.

The G-7 nations also urged China not to help Russia, including by undermining international sanctions against Moscow.

“We encourage China to support, in line with international law, the Sovereignty and Independence of Ukraine and the Integrity of its internationally recognized borders and to resolutely urge Russia to stop its military aggression against Ukraine,” the statement said.

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