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With a release date of June 23, 2023, Andy Muschietti’s highly-anticipated Flash movie has over a year to hit the big screen, giving DC fans a lot of time to get reacquainted with the superhero’s comic book mythos. Regardless of the character that takes the mantle of the scarlet speedster, every comic version of the Flash has had his share of over-the-top humor that can be seen in several memes.

The speedsters have their tragic personal arcs too but every once in a while, one opportunity or the other arises for fans to pull his leg. These memes either poke fun at his powers his or his constant urge to reset the timeline, along with comparisons with other fellow Justice League members.


Apple Doesn’t Support Flash

Meme with Superman, Batman, Flash, and Spider-Man

Source: Reddit

A guilty pleasure of a meme, the humor evoked here is the equivalent of a “dad joke” so bad that it’s good. For the ones who still didn’t get the pun, the meme plays around with the fact that Apple devices do not support Adobe Flash-related documents and apps.

Using Batman and Superman to bring down the Flash is understandable given how the two DC heroes do turn out to be smarter than the speedster more than often in the comics. The addition of the 1960s Spider-Man (who is already a meme legend in his own right) is the cherry on the top.

Changing The Timeline … Yet Again

Meme with Barry Allen crying while Reverse Flash stands and CJ looks on

Source: Imgflip

It is unclear what exactly is going on in the meme but viewers can figure out it clearly has to do with Barry Allen resetting the timeline, as usual. Not to get into direct spoilers, the comic panel denotes the main Flash comic book villain Reverse Flash killing someone close to Barry as the speedster in red laments the loss. However, in this meme, it is probably implied that the timeline has been messed up to such an extent that Barry himself has donned the yellow Reverse-Flash suit.

Given how this timeline change has become an overused trope in Flash comics, the meme pokes fun at the monotony with the Grand Theft Auto character, CJ, remarking his meme-famous line “Ah s***, here we go again.”

To Rogue Or Not To Rogue

Wally West holding two Flash costumes in a meme

Source: Imgflip

Wally West can be seen holding a normal Flash costume as well as that of the antagonistic Reverse-Flash. Given the number of times the Flash has lost control or gone rogue, it can be unclear for comic geeks to figure out the speedster’s true intentions. In this case, the same dilemma has been presented.

However, given the usual narrative of Flash comics, the speedster more or less aligns himself with the good side towards the end. Yet it is interesting and funny to see how the hero’s ideological shifts frustrate fans.

Batman Kills Reverse-Flash

Batman killing Reverse Flash in a meme

Source: MEME

Flash and Reverse-Flash both are worthy foes with equal or more control over their superspeed capabilities. As this meme shows, however, a non-powered hero like Batman can overpower either one of them. When compared to the other members of the Justice League, Batman is the one who lacks any kind of superpower and relies mostly on his detective skills, combat abilities, and technological prowess his.

More specifically, the Batman slaying Reverse Flash in this particular comic panel is Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father who becomes the dark knight in an alternate reality.

Road Runner Is The Fastest Speedster

A meme featuring The Flash, Quicksilver, and Road Runner running

Source: 9GAG

DC has the Flash. Marvel has Quicksilver. While Looney Tunes has the titular protagonist of The Road Runner Show. The bird has proven its mastery over the “speed force” on several occasions, outsmarting the coyote who is set to feast on it. It would be quite a crossover to pit Road Runner against Flash and Quicksilver in an adrenaline-fueled race.

This meme mocks the two human speedsters, implying that the Road Runner would outrun them with ease. The character’s iconic sound “meep meep” has also been replicated in this artistic meme. Given how ridiculously over-the-top some Flash comics have been in the early years, it is possible to think that the bird actually runs with him in an alternate timeline.

A Suit Made Of Speedforce

Meme with The Flash running in comics

Source: Imgflip

The Flash’s superspeed is such that even his speed-resistant suit is built out of nothing but sheer speed force energy, as was the case with Wally West. This is a fact that some would have never known about The Flash’s costume. The scarlet speedster might be shown wearing a spandex-like suit in the comics but in some iterations, his suit is created from the very speed that fuels him.

Hence, here Flash gets an opportunity to show off his speed abilities in front of other high-speed pop culture characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and mock them.

Blonde With Blue Eyes

Meme featuring The Flash actors and Barry Allen from comics

Source: MEME

Ethnicity and physical features shouldn’t matter when casting comic book characters in live-action adaptations given how different the two mediums can be. But even when films and shows have cast actors for the role of the Flash before, the actors have all been white, Caucasian males as opposed to Barry Allen’s blonde, blue-eyed look.

Regardless of the casting, the three actors have proven their worth with their performances as The Flash. John Wesley Shipps’ Flash is an underrated performance from the 1990s, while Grant Gustin has led the role for multiple seasons across the Arrowverse. Even though Ezra Miller’s Flash is yet to get his standalone movie, the actor’s performance was singled out in movies like Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Quicksilver Needs To Learn From The Flash

A meme featuring The Flash walking among flying bullets

Source: MEME

The Flash can run at such high speeds that he can even slow down time. In one such comic panel, he can be seen walking past armed soldiers with none of their bullets touching him. He effortlessly walks in front of them, even holding a bullet with his hands.

The meme allows the DC speedster to mock fun at his Marvel counterpart Quicksilver, particularly Aaron Taylor Johnson’s portrayal in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The movie finds Quicksilver sacrificing himself to save Hawkeye as he catches a bullet in the chest and dies.

The Multiverse Of Flash

Source: 9GAG

This is a perfect chart to remember the different kinds of “Flashes” across pop culture. First, there is the scarlet speedster who is plainly credited as “Flash” while Reverse-Flash gets the epithet of “Yellow Flash”. Then, there’s “Blue Flash” referencing Aaron Taylor Johnson’s Quicksilver in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The comic book version of Quicksilver gets the title of “Green Flash” owing to his green-and-white costume his.

The winged-helmet-wearing speedster Jay Garrick is referred to as “Old Flash” given his Golden Age superhero status. And then finally, in what is a common bad joke, Adobe Flash is also thrown into the meme. This probably completes the “Flash multiverse.”

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