Move over auto suppliers – cloud companies are moving in

As a result of the trend, tech giants are introducing products with automotive customers in mind.

In May, Google launched two solutions, Manufacturing Data Engine and Manufacturing Connect, both of which are designed to let manufacturers process huge swaths of data and gain new insights into their businesses. Ford is among Google’s tools for early customers.

The tools enable companies to “look at what a fine grain is manufactured at the plant and what type of consumable it is, whether it’s a factory or a raw material or a consumable like glue,” said Simon Floyd , director of discrete manufacturing industries at Google Cloud.

“The idea is to maximize your efficiency and reduce waste. A lot of organizations don’t always have a good handle on waste. There are lots of programs out there, but they need to get behind a data engine.” supply chain. “

Floyd said Google is looking to “create value for customers after a short period” of implementing the solution.

As an example, he pointed out that a customer has had a certain component to build a machine. After implementing Google Cloud’s solution and analyzing the data it generated, the customer saw that the machine was not performing at the expected level. The manufacturer of that machine then came out to the factory and fixed it, to make it run much more efficiently.

“The worst thing about manufacturing is the downside of unpredictability,” Floyd said. “You don’t want to be held up unexpectedly. Any minute that you can be manufacturing, you should be manufacturing.”

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