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Even though everything is objectively bad, we can at least celebrate the fact Matariki is finally being acknowledged in our public holiday schedule. While the day off gives us the opportunity to give proper space and respect to this significant annual event in te ao Māori, it also gives many of us the bonus of a long weekend to connect with whānau, catch up on Love Island and hopefully find some time to switch off from all the pressures of the daily grind.

If you find yourself looking for something to help you tune out the chaos of the world this weekend, why not chuck on one of the great podcast episodes recently released by The Spinoff? You may want to learn something new, have a laugh, be inspired or just not have to sit in your brain with your own thoughts. Whatever your motivation, we hope something from the list below helps fill the gap.

The great resignation hits Aotearoa

The employment landscape currently favors workers, yet we’re still reluctant to ask for a pay rise and fear being sacked. Bernard Hickey is joined by AUT professor Jarrod Harr to examine how work culture, pay, conditions and the power relationships between employers and employees have been transformed by the pandemic and try to figure out why workers still feel insecure and what employers can do to combat the great resignation.

Strike raptor Gib board taskforce

Is a plasterboard shortage turning into a political crisis? Annabelle Lee-Mather, Ben Thomas and Toby Manhire unholster the tape measure. Plus: who were the winners and losers in Tauranga’s byelection, Jacinda Ardern heads to Europe to speak at Nato, all the ups, downs and sleights of hand in a “minor” cabinet reshuffle, and the legacy of Trevor Mallard.

Time and space

Leading up to Matariki, and the first official public holiday, Nē? chats to aute cloth maker Nikau Hindin about star-map making and the whetū that help us find our way.

Leigh Hart is super funny – he’s also a business genius

On our media podcast The Fold, Duncan Greive is joined by Leigh Hart for a highly entertaining and revealing chat. Known for weird and highly original TV shows, Hart is also a wildly innovative business person. In a rare earnest and out-of-character interview, he explains how he has built the singular Moon TV universe, and the way beer and chips have naturally grown out of his approach to funding his escapades.

How Marisa Fong is growing the next generation of leaders

Since Marisa Fong co-founded Madison Recruitment, she has been a leader supporting other leaders. Passionate about connections in correlation with sales and now having gained industry growth to investor and director status, she joins Simon Pound to chat about her journey and how she is building the next generation of leaders.

Below Deck Down Under Recap: Episode 5, the King of Monaco

This week on Below Deck Down Under, the primary guest climbs aboard with nothing but a tiny robe and some huge ideas about interior decorating. Also Cheffy is cheffing harder than he has ever cheffed, Magda doesn’t know what a garnish is and Captain Jason takes his shirt off. Join Jane Yee, Alex Casey and Duncan Greive as they recap the week that was, but don’t you dare step over that anchor chain or we’ll make you wear the idiot helmet.

Taking cybersecurity seriously

As we increase our dependence on devices, and online scams become more sophisticated, New Zealanders are at serious risk of devastating cybersecurity breaches. Join host Stacey Morrison as she talks to Massey University Associate Professor Julian Jang-Jaccard and SafeStack Academy founder Laura Bell Main about how safe our data really is and the real world consequences of compromised security. Plus advice from the experts on simple steps to help keep you and your data safe online

From Runaway Girl to runway success

For more than 30 years powerhouse designer Karen Walker has built her brand and business globally. Known for clever designs, adventurous collaborations, imaginative storytelling and constantly redefining her approach to retail, Karen shares her world class journey with Brianne West and Simon Pound.

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