Taste Our Love for Hawaii: Aqua + Culture, airing tonight

“Taste Our Love For Hawai’i” is an original video series that series explores and spotlights the natural beauty and bounty of our islands through the lens of chefs. Each episode tells a personal story of a chef or chefs, while also showcasing the diverse agricultural resources and products grown, caught, and raised in Hawaii. It explores our culinary and cultural traditions, from ancient Hawaiian practices to today’s fusion of flavors. Denise Yamaguchi, Executive Producer of Hashi Media and Dick Jones, CEO of Blue Ocean Mariculture, joined us today for a preview of tonight’s new episode.

In this episode, the audience will follow the journey of acclaimed chefs Niki Nakayama and Carole Iida Nakayama, as they embark on an exploration of Hawaii’s past and present through its 800-year history of aquaculture. Mark Pomaski a Hilo-based sushi chef and owner of Moon & Turtle takes them to visit Blue Ocean Mariculture, Big Island Abalone and the Kalāhuipua’a Fishponds. They will explore and gain an understanding of the positive impacts of sustainable aquaculture for Hawai’i, and a greater appreciation for the preservation of these traditions.

Dick Jones also talked about his exciting developments in the aquaponics field, “Hawaii has a long history of aquatic farming starting with fishponds, and has expanded to both onshore and offshore methods of production over time. We currently produce fish, shellfish, algae, and ornamental fish in the state. I believe that aquaculture will continue to expand over the coming years. Hawaii has more than 600,000 acres of suitable land with access to water, and about 150,000 acres of coastal land with potential for mariculture. And there is growing demand for seafood due to the health benefits and our need for locally produced food, so I believe aquaculture will continue to grow as a way to address the increasing population. We consume 2.5 times more seafood in Hawaii than on the mainland, so its very important to supplement a healthy wild fish harvest with aquaculture products. ”

Taste our love for Hawaii: Aqua + Culture airs tonight at 9:30 pm, on KHON2.

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