The 10 Best Investment Apps for Beginners, According to Financial Experts

Investing has long been seen as a rich man’s game. But it shouldn’t be. It turns out, once women take the leap into investing, they’re good at it, says Lauren Pearson, (opens in new tab)certified financial planner and cofounder of The WealthEdit. In fact, when it comes to achieving positive returns, women outperform men by 0.4 percent. Thankfully, there are more resources than ever to help women gain agency over their finances. Hands-on investing tools have also made wealth-building more accessible in the last decade, thanks. to low-cost robo-advisors and intuitive mobile apps.

But if you’re looking for investing apps to be exciting, reconsider. “Your investment apps can and should be boring,” says Nicole Lapin, host of the podcast Money Rebab. “If you want a thrill, open your Instagram or Tinder app. If you want a game, play Words with Friends. When it comes to your money, stay away from the hyped-up ones or those that try to gamify investing.”

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