Top Five Most Valuable Prospect Autos In 2022 Bowman Baseball

We’ll start with number five and work our way to number one.

5. Colson Montgomery – $ 175

Montgomery’s prices are a bit over-the-top. In the past three days his auto has sold for as high as $ 280 and as low as $ 140, while also having a refractor / 499 and a speckle / 299 sell within that price range. It’s tough to nail down what you’re expecting to pay.

Personally, I can’t imagine Montgomery like a player for $ 250 in the north, and if I hit his auto, it would be an immediate sell. You can buy oneil Cruz auto for around $ 150 right now. Do you honestly believe that Montgomery has more upside than Cruz? No chance.

4. James Wood – $ 225

Wood’s prices are escalating as his auto went for $ 150 on the eighth this month and has now risen to $ 225 as of yesterday. While a recent wrist injury has slowed him down a bit, Wood is an extremely talented prospect and a guy we are targeting in breaks. Despite our affinity for wood, we still consider him a current marketer. Cashing in at $ 225 and reinvesting in a guy like Corbin Carroll (roughly $ 275) might be a safer play.

3. James Triantos – $ 240

Triantos’s prices are probably the most confusing of the entire group. Most of his autos have sold for $ 200 off the north, some as high as $ 290 just a few days ago. His most recent one sold for $ 185 so maybe we are starting to see a bit of course correction, but he’s still extremely expensive.

What is absolutely insane to me is that you can buy a Brett Baty and Josh Jung auto, Both Triantos on price for them. Instead of being Jung, I can’t fathom taking those guys over Triantos.

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