Vamos Morados Podcast: Ep. 39

A post-game episode of Vamos Morados Podcast with Benton Newman and Zach Allen-Kelly.

In episode 39 of the Vamos Morados Podcast Zach and Benton give instant takes to Louisville City FC’s penalty kick win in the US Open Cup and look back at Racing Louisville FC’s performance.

It was a big win for the boys in purple as they took down Detroit FC (who they oddly called “city” throughout the entire broadcast) in a wild finish. The guys look closely at the first half where for the first time all season, (the real) City was pressed. You ”ll get in-depth reaction to player performance, coaching & tactical moves, plus an insight on injuries and substitutions patterns from Benton.

Plus, a interesting (to say the least) perspective on the history of Detroit FC’s supporter groups and why the fans have been in the dog house for hilarious reasons.

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Vamos Morados Podcast Rundown

  • Louisville City FC vs. Detroit
  • How about some fun?
  • Fan or not a fan of the fans?
  • A first half of sloppy soccer
  • How Detroit made Lou City pay early
  • Late substitutions patterns & injury updates
  • A Detroit history lesson
  • Penalty kicks
  • Mustache competition
  • Racing Louisville’s W team update
  • Racing Vs. Chicago recap
  • Acknowledging a player who deserves more credit

Listen to the full episode above or download the show (and all others) anywhere you get your podcasts.

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